Online personal Training


PT House is an Online personal trainer community. 

Some of the best personal trainers around the world can be found right here at PT House. You'll never have to navigate that jungle again. 


PT House was founded in 2020 by Nikoline Maria Simonsen. 

Finding a personal trainer is hard because there are so many, and most of them seem qualified. But there are also some bad seeds in the pot - the self-acclaimed trainers and coaches, who coach solely on personal experience and have no knowledge on the subject. 

PT House is giving you an easy way to find a qualified online personal trainer. Sometimes, the best trainers aren't necessarily near you, but why should that stop you from having the best?

We are a group of personal trainers, coaches and nutritionists who train, coach, and plan online - this doesn't make it any less personal. 

We are reachable every day and want to help you stay motivated on your journey and in your new lifestyle. 

A personalised and individual plan/program will be made for you according to your goal and ambitions.